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The Reason of Bearing Failure and How to Deal with It

wallpapers Tech 2020-06-24
Bearings are the most important parts in our daily life, ranking from bicycle, paper making machine, cars and aerospace craft. They are used in two components to reduce the frictions during rotating. You can see almost all rotating parts are implied with bearings. It’s hard to imagine how the world becomes without bearings.
Bearings can be divided into plain bearings, roller bearings, ball bearings, magnetic bearings, and much more according to their difference of rolling elements. Of which, ball bearings are the most common bearing type. Ball bearings are designed for light loads with higher speed. For example, you can see ball bearings in your wheels of the vehicles.
However, bearings may tear and wear due to its bearing loads and bearing life. Why do bearings fail? How to deal with bearing failures? Now,let’s check out the reasons of bearing failures.
Bearings may fail due to the following reasons:
Improper lubrication
One of the biggest causes of bearing failure is improper lubrication. Improper lubrication includes using the wrong lubricant, insufficient lubrication, and lubricant degradation due to high temperature. When this happens, one will notice discoloration of the rolling elements, scrolling trajectory and overheating.
Particle pollution
Contamination refers to foreign matter entering the lubricant or cleaning solution. These small particles may be dust, dirt, abrasives, metal shavings, etc. They may leave scratches and cause raceway grinding.
Inside the bearing, the raceway ball track must be parallel to the raceway edge. When mechanical parts such as bent shafts, square clamping nuts, etc. are impacted, they can cause misalignment. Incorrect alignment can cause overheating or separator failure.
Corrosion can damage the smooth surfaces of balls and roller bearings. This corrosion is caused by bad lubricants, acids, moisture, etc.
Excessive temperature and improper lubrication can cause overheating. High temperatures can have a deteriorating effect on grease (such as grease). Not only does it reduce its effectiveness, but due to the loss of lubricating oil, the dry lubricant may also catch the movement of the roller element. Very high temperatures will reduce the hardness of the metal itself, resulting in bearing failure.
Improper storage and handling
Storage and handling methods are important factors leading to bearing failure. Exposure to dust, dirt, any small metal particles in the work area, moisture can cause corrosion. Similarly, storing bearings at higher temperatures may reduce their shelf life.
Improper installation
The installation of the bearing should be mainly completed by press-fitting on the rotating ring. If the installation is too tight or too loose, it may cause different types of wear. Any type of accessories, such as loose shaft fits, very tight nuts, loose housing fits, etc., can cause dents, wear, cracks, and heat.
In addition, there are other reasons, such as over load, electrical damage caused by the passage of current, etc. Considering these reasons and taking preventive measures is the key.
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