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The Function and Value of Centralized Lubrication Technology in Wind Turbine

wallpapers Tech 2020-02-25
As we all know, the friction and wear of transmission parts caused by insufficient lubrication or inadequate lubrication of equipment will cause considerable losses to the wind power industry. In the early days, the lubrication of the material was based on manual refueling. With the increasingly high requirements for the equipment and the increasingly active protection measures, all walks of life pay more and more attention to the lubrication of the material.

After the development of the industry, centralized lubrication technology eliminates the defects of human management, and is widely used in the whole wind power transmission parts. Its advantages are as follows:
First, it is not controlled by human beings and eliminates the defects of human management;
Second, through intelligent automatic control, the centralized lubrication technology can control the amount of oil to be filled and the filling time by computer according to the environmental conditions;
Third, with the development of the whole industry, especially the rapid increase in the number of fans, centralized lubrication has an unusually high value for traditional components, especially the development of the offshore wind power industry.
Therefore, the centralized lubrication technology has much guaranteed the regular operation of offshore fans and wind turbines, which is of great benefit to the normal functioning of the whole fan and the reliable service of significant components.
In the future, the centralized lubrication technology needs to be further studied to make it more intelligent and automatic. The critical technology of centralized lubrication technology is that microinjection can ensure adequate lubrication. In the future, the industry will pay more attention to the calculation of the added amount of lubricating grease and the study of how to remove the waste grease, which will bring higher value to the wind turbine.
Centralized lubrication technology should pay special attention to the selection of lubricants; high-quality bearings are also an essential help with half the effort. Eric Bearing Co., Ltd is one of the few reliable companies selling oils in the world with low price and excellent service.

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