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TIMKEN bearings, pioneer of Tapered Roller Bearings

wallpapers Tech 2020-06-17
In 1899, Henry. Timken, the founder of TIMKEN, invented a bearing using tapered rollers for the axles of the time, that is, tapered roller bearings.
TIMKEN is the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality bearings, alloy steel, and accessories. No matter where in the world, as long as there is equipment running and power transmission, you can see TIMKEN's technology and products. TIMKEN bearings produce 230 types, 26,000 different specifications of tapered roller bearings; they are widely used in countries around the world.
As early as more than 100 years ago, TIMKEN Bearing Company promised to abide by the highest ethics and integrity standards in business operations. Henry. Timken, the founder of TIMKEN Bearing Company, once said: "If you have an idea that you think is correct, stick to it, but it is important not to do anything to shame your name." Now, this spirit has become the core value of Timken.
TIMKEN Bearing has a team of 27,000 employees worldwide and a strong organization dedicated to improving its products. To help customers achieve greater success, they are awarded more than 300 awards by customers all over the world every year.
Whether it is a wheel assembly of a family car, the maintenance service of roller coaster bearings, track bearings, or the steel of aircraft engine shafts, TIMKEN can appear. TIMKEN bearing products and services: aviation components, aircraft engine maintenance, and overhaul, alloy steel rods and pipes, bearings, bearing components and related parts, condition monitoring systems and services, encoders and sensors, engineering and technical assistance, lubricants and Lubricator, helicopter drive system and rotor components, precision steel parts, aviation, industrial, and railway bearings, bearing seats and repair and reconstruction of Yakun, sealing products, training, etc.
TIMKEN is one of the world's leading manufacturers of highly-designed antifriction bearings and alloy steel components. TIMKEN is a recognized leader in the bearing industry, and its products have been carefully designed to optimize operational efficiency. They are called Cadillac tapered bearings and can be found anywhere where reliable performance is required. TIMKEN manufactures and manages the global supply chain for two core product lines: antifriction bearings and adjacent mechanical power transmission components, special steel, and related precision steel components. Its products and services include bearings and power transmission, tapered roller bearings, precision cylindrical and ball bearings, spherical and cylindrical roller bearings, chains and augers, gear transmission systems, aerospace products and services, iron and steel components. The wide range of TIMKEN products means that bearings can be used in almost any application. TIMKEN's bearing housings are made of sturdy cast steel or iron to ensure precise shaft locking and pollution protection in the harsh environment of nearly any industrial application.
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