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Aluminum Magnesium Boride

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Aluminum Magnesium Boride, with compound formula of AlMgB14, BAM, has excellent resistance to abrasive wear and erosion, good chemical inertness and heat resistance. High purity submicron and Nano-powder can avoid reaction with metal when used as a cutting tool or drill.


About AlMgB14 alloy powder

Aluminum boride or Al3Mg3B56, commonly known as BAM, is a compound of aluminum, magnesium and boron. Although its nominal formula is AlMgB14, its chemical composition is closer to Al0.75Mg0.75B14. It is a highly wear-resistant ceramic alloy with extremely low sliding friction coefficient, reaching a record value of 0.04 in the unlubricated AlMgB14-TiB2 composite material, and a record value of 0.02 in the lubricated AlMgB14-TiB2 composite material. BAM was first reported in 1970. It has an orthogonal structure and each unit cell has four icosahedral B12 units. The thermal expansion coefficient of this super hard material is comparable to other widely used materials such as steel and concrete. Feel free to send an inquiry to get the latest price if you would like to buy AlMgB14 alloy powder in bulk.


How is AlMgB14 alloy Powder Produced?

AlMgB14 aluminum magnesium boride material has a better anti-wear property than diamond and is a new type of anti-degradation material. AlMgB14 has a density of only 2.66 g/cm3, which is much lower than other super hard materials (such as diamond and cubic boron nitride), and does not react with carbon steel, stainless steel or titanium alloy at temperatures up to 1300 °C, and has high thermal stability. .

AlMgB14 aluminum magnesium boride has a much higher conductivity than other conventional super hard materials and is basically equivalent to the conductivity of poly-silicon. The most attractive aspect of AlMgB14 is its low price, which is 5 to 10 times lower than diamond and cubic boron nitride. These excellent properties make AlMgB14 not only wearable,

Traditional fields such as protective coatings and cutting equipment manufacturing can also be widely used in advanced scientific fields such as thermoelectric devices, photo detectors, neutron masks, micro machines, and aerospace key components.


Applications of AlMgB14 alloy Powder

BAM is commercially available, and research is being conducted for more potential applications. For example, the pistons, seals and vanes on the pump can be coated with BAM or BAM + TiB2 to reduce friction between parts and increase wear resistance. The reduction in friction will reduce energy consumption. BAM can also be coated on cutting tools. The reduced friction will reduce the force required to cut the object, extend tool life, and may allow an increase in cutting speed. It has been found that only 2-3 microns thick coating can increase efficiency and reduce cutting tool wear.

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