FAG bearings classification

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I. FAG radial ball bearings
The FAG radial ball bearing is composed of an inner ring, an outer ring and a cage with a precision ball. The radial ball bearing can adapt to the relatively high speed operating environment under various load conditions.
FAG Angle contact ball bearing
Cross-contact ball bearings are designed for combined radial and axial loads and are suitable for agriculture, chemical industry, public utilities and general industry.

FAG precision ball bearing
Precision ball bearings include miniature bearings, instrument bearings, thin-wall bearings and precision ball screw support bearings. Designed to meet stringent application requirements.

FAG bearings are inspected and maintained regularly

Regular inspection of FAG bearings is important to maintain optimum condition of the bearings and to detect problems. About bearing in use should pay attention to matters and related knowledge.

The FAG oil seal is a fragile part. Therefore, extra care should be taken during inspection and disassembly. Do not apply excessive force to avoid damage to the parts. FAG bearing lubrication and cleanliness is important. So before we inspect the FAG bearing, we should clean the surface of the bearing and then remove the parts around the bearing. Then carefully check the oil seal of the FAG bearing and the surrounding parts. If the bearing has shown bad symptoms, be sure to replace it. The bad oil seal will cause damage to the bearing and make the bearing abnormal, which will cause the shutdown of the equipment. Secondly, we should also check the bearing lubricant. Lubrication is important, not only for FAG bearings, but for all bearings. However, please note that excessive grease should not be applied to the bearings.

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