FAG bearing Steel Features and working conditions

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FAG bearing Steel Features:
The steel is self-produced, with high cleanliness and appropriate quality fraction of each element (according to the test data of NSK Company, when the oxygen content of bearing steel is 30×106, 15×106, 10×106 and 5×106, the ratio of bearing life is 1:4:14:30). Under the condition of correct bearing installation, small load and good lubrication, FAG part bearing can reach infinite life.

Select materials according to the working conditions

(1) Small size of ordinary class: high-carbon chromium bearing steel (Chinese steel No. GCr15, German steel No. DIN100Cr6) is adopted. The steel has the advantages of high surface hardness (Rockwell hardness value HRC58 ~ HRC65), wear resistance and low price.
(2) Large size and heavy load: carburized bearing steel is adopted. The surface hardness of this steel is similar to that of high-carbon-chromium bearing steel, but the core hardness is low and the toughness is high. When the bearing bears heavy load or impact load, the surface hardness is high enough to meet the wear-resistant requirements, while the core toughness can play a buffering role, so as not to make the bearing broken by impact load.
(3) High-temperature bearing: For bearings other than engineering plastic cage, the maximum working temperature can reach 150℃. The higher working temperature is expressed by the suffix S1--200℃, S2--250℃, S3--300℃ and S4--350℃ respectively.
(4) Others: stainless steel bearings (such as S60xx.W203B); The main shaft bearing (angular contact ball bearing) is made of ceramic materials, such as HCB70xx and HCS70xx, which have the advantages of high temperature, low temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, light weight, low speed centrifugal force and insulation.

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