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Advanced energy materials: cation vacancy regulates the bifunctional catalytic activity of cobalt oxide to improve the performance of lithium oxygen battery

wallpapers News 2020-07-05

in order to alleviate the rapid depletion of traditional fossil fuels increasingly serious environmental pollution problems it is imperative to develop efficient clean energy. Lithium oxygen battery has a very high theoretical energy density which can be used in new energy vehicles smart grid energy storage mobile devices deep space deep sea exploration many other fields in the future. However the large-scale application of lithium oxygen battery is facing a series of challenges including the serious decomposition of electrolyte under high pressure the formation of lithium dendrite the delayed kinetics of oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) oxygen evolution reaction (OER) during charge discharge the accumulation of by-products poor cycling. On the basis of reasonable regulation of active sites in-depth understing of the catalytic mechanism it is an effective means to develop efficient bifunctional electrocatalysts to reduce the energy barriers of oer Orr improve the reaction efficiency of lithium oxygen batteries. Previous studies have shown that the introduction of oxygen vacancies can effectively improve the catalytic activity of Co3O4. However there are few reports on the lithium oxygen batteries with cation vacancies.

Zhang Jintao research group of Shong University successfully designed synthesized Co3O4 nanoparticles with cationic vacancy which were used as cathode catalysts for lithium oxygen batteries showed excellent electrocatalytic activity. The related achievements are entitled "tunable cational vitamins of cobalt oxides for efficient electrocatalysis in li-o2 batteries" published in the international top journals advanced energy materials

. Glyco which is composed of repeated co-o-co-o units provides the possibility of adjusting the ratio of CO to O. therefore the cation vacancy can be easily constructed the concentration can be adjusted by heat treatment. The Co3O4 with cation vacancy has excellent bifunctional catalysis. The lithium oxygen battery with Co3O4 as cathode catalyst shows high specific capacity high cycle stability good rate performance. DFT calculation reveals that the existence of cation vacancy can cause electron delocalization reduce the adsorption energy of the catalyst for intermediate products thus promoting the electrocatalytic performance improving the performance of the battery. The experimental results theoretical calculation show that the positive contribution of cation vacancy to the improvement of the electrocatalytic performance of Co3O4. The researchers believe that this will provide a new idea for the design of high-efficiency advanced energy materials with special structure.

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