Modern coal chemical industry at crossroads

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-09

in recent years, the development of coal to oil, coal to gas based modern coal chemical projects, is the main direction of industrial transformation in some coal rich areas. However, due to its high energy consumption, high water consumption and other issues, domestic disputes on coal chemical industry continue, coupled with the sharp drop in oil prices, which has brought impact on coal chemical industry. China's modern coal chemical industry has come to a crossroads. There are different opinions on how to go in the future.

At present,

has always had different opinions on coal to liquid and coal to natural gas in the business and academic circles, and the relevant policies of the government have been wavering. Some people think that this is the need of national energy strategic security, while others think that the investment and environmental risks are too high. In this regard, Jin Yong, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said that it would guarantee the development of coal to fuel path including coal to oil and coal to natural gas Keep your attitude.


take coal to liquid as an example. There is no industrial chain for coal to liquid, and the oil produced can only be burned as fuel. From coal as fuel to oil as fuel, this process only changes the form of solid into liquid, but the energy loss is great and the energy conversion rate is low; at the same time, the pollution is also relatively serious, which is definitely not a low-carbon path; in addition, the investment is large, and the domestic coal to oil projects have reached hundreds of billion yuan.

Jin Yong said that the idea of coal to liquid should be changed. For example, it can be made into blended oil, paraffin, oxygenated additives, lubricating oil with high 16 alkane number and other special oils, which is a train of thought. What is lacking in the oil industry is some blended oil. How can additives play a role in improving the quality of oil and reducing pollution emissions; if coal to liquid is converted to oil for special purposes, the added value is relatively high, which will be another world for enterprises. If


want to engage in coal chemical industry, it is necessary to develop coal chemical products with higher added value, and try to make chemical products instead of fuel. At present, olefins and aromatics in coal chemical industry are primary products, so it is necessary to extend the industrial chain, such as rubber, chemical fiber, paint, etc., in this direction, the added value will be higher and the industrial chain will be longer. Is to achieve high value-added coal, do new chemical materials.


coal chemical industry will take the material industry as the main direction in the future. The realization of high value-added chemical materials from coal depends on the enterprise's ability. For example, aromatics can be turned into high value-added "Dacron", raw silk and differential fiber, which can be sold for tens of thousands of yuan a ton. To extend the industrial chain as far as possible, it can extend to what extent. In short, it needs to move forward and can replace oil.


in China, the gap of ethylene and benzene is very large, accounting for almost half, and the gap of ethylene glycol is more than 60%. So coal chemical industry should be the right direction to make materials. It is very important for the government to conduct a scientific research on the current situation of coal chemical industry and make a scientific analysis on the development of coal chemical industry. As for the development of coal chemical industry in the 13th five year plan, Jinyong puts forward the following suggestions.


first, we should first distinguish which is the strategic reserve and which has commercial value. Coal to fuel should be positioned in the technical strategic reserve, and a large amount of investment may become a non-performing asset project. Of course, after so many years of efforts, China's coal chemical technology is undoubtedly the most advanced. This technology should not be discarded, but should be maintained and developed. Coal to fuel, including coal to oil and coal to natural gas, should be used as strategic reserve projects.


second, focus on encouraging and developing the industrial path of coal chemical industry as chemicals and high-tech materials. For example, toluene and xylene in benzene; ethylene, propylene, aromatics, olefins, ethylene glycol, etc. of olefins are very important chemical raw materials, which replace the oil route, which can save 10 million tons of petroleum resources import every year. Coal chemical industry can indirectly supplement petroleum in these aspects.

third, clean and efficient use of coal, to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction. For example, all fertilizers in China are made of coal chemical industry. If the utilization rate of chemical fertilizer can be increased from 35% to 55% through rational use, hundreds of billion yuan of funds can be saved every year, which not only saves energy but also reduces a lot of pollution. Fourth, planning and utilization of lignite upgrading. The reserves of lignite in China are relatively large. Due to the high content and moisture content of lignite, the chemical composition of lignite is relatively complex. The direct use of lignite often has poor effect, low efficiency and great impact on the environment. However, if through upgrading, the useful chemical components in lignite are extracted to be chemical raw materials, and then the upgraded lignite is used as fuel for power generation, and finally the purpose of optimizing the use of high-quality coal, high-quality components, grading and quality, this path should be supported.

fifth, the production of some special oil, oxygenated oil additives dmm3-5, etc., to improve the quality of fuel, reduce air pollution.

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