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Bhutan Cultural Tour


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Bhutan Cultural Tour

Bhutan is a country with a glorious history, rich cultural heritage, diverse flora and fauna, picturesque landscapes and pristine forests. It is every tourist's dream destination.

Bhutan is also the largest Mahayana Buddhist country in the world. In the foothills of the south, most people believe in Hinduism. Other forms of religious beliefs and practices have also recently progressed. The real explosion of Bhutanese culture is during religious festivals (Tshechus), which can also be seen in various occasions and gatherings. Dance, music, games and rituals are what make Bhutan unique on earth. The best time to see this display of cultural diversity is at the beginning of the local Tshechus.

Bhutan Cultural Tour

The unique cultural heritage remains unchanged and has not yet been destroyed. Until now, centuries-old traditions continue to have enormous value and significance in people's daily lives. The cultural traditions practiced before the advent of Mahayana Buddhism are still in practice, and in some cases, combined with Buddhism, play a leading role in enriching and strengthening the socio-cultural fabric of the country.

Mahayana Buddhism is the national religion of Bhutan and the most popular. Hundreds of Lhakhangs or temples, all with colorful and mysterious interiors and a great deal of religious and cultural history. In fact, every village in Bhutan has a temple, and each temple has a fascinating story.

We have been customizing tours exclusively for Bhutan. Our experienced guides and knowledgeable staff strive to provide each traveller with a unique and personalized tour of Bhutanese culture. We are constantly developing flexible programs including cultural tours, trekking tours, special thematic activities (including bird watching, black-necked crane viewing, cycling tours, photography, temple pilgrimages, country walks, adventure tours, boutique tours), Bhutan festival tours and unique luxury tours.

Bhutan travel operators in China is a leading online travel service called Asia Odyssey Travel.

Since 2013, we have been arranging both private & customized Bhutan trips for our clients from all over the world.

We can also do Tibet-Nepal-Bhutan-India trips if you want to add more destinations to your Bhutan tour. Aiming at providing the best Bhutan tour service at the most reasonable cost, we guarantee that we will present you with a worry-free, unforgettable and unique Bhutan journey once in your lifetime.

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