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12 A pair of shoes is less than three pairs of weights, why are flying shoes so popular

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A pair of shoes is less than three pairs of weights, why are flying shoes so popular?

From "Li Ning" and "361 Degrees" and other domestic local brands, to "Nike", "Adidas" and "Under Armour" and other international brands, to "Balenciaga" and "Prada" and other luxury brands, there are no exceptions. Feizhi sports shoes have been launched in the past two years. It can be said that where there are shoes, there are flying shoes, and flying shoes seem to have become standard equipment for manufacturers, and they have become competing products among different businesses.

As a consumer, if you don't have a pair of flying woven sneakers, you can basically tell that you are out of date. Whether it is a cheap product of tens of yuan or a high-end product of tens of thousands of yuan, there is always a Feizhi sports shoe for you.

So why are flying shoes so popular?

What is Hida? Computerized flat knitting

Although flying shoes are popular all over the world, not everyone knows what flying shoes are. In 2012, "Nike" launched flying knit uppers and gradually used them on a variety of shoes. Subsequently, "Adidas" also launched its own flying knit shoes. The term Feizhi began to gain popularity. Since then, Feizhi has become another major series following traditional shoe upper materials such as cloth, leather and leather.

The well-known sports supermarket "Decathlon" replied on "Baidu Know": "Flying knitting is just a concept. The so-called flying knitting is actually the shoe upper woven by a computerized flat knitting machine." There are also explanations that flying knitting refers to the integrated knitting of the entire upper. Shaped, so this is why many flying shoes don’t have traditional tongues. The reporter also learned that the current computerized circular knitting machine can also weave shoe uppers, and the woven products are more three-dimensional and have better effects, but the cost is higher.

The production process of flying shoes is similar to that of traditional shoes: first weave the thread into the upper, then the car midsole, and then paste the whole bottom, but some advanced enterprise technology is developing in the direction of 3D integrated molding, that is, the upper , The midsole is woven from a single thread.

Why is it sought after?

A pair of shoes is less than triple

Consumer Mr. Chen recently bought a pair of flying shoes for himself and his child. He told reporters that the weather is getting hotter and hotter, and the selection of sports shoes becomes more "critical". Lightweight and breathable are the primary considerations. "Compared with traditional mesh sports shoes, flying woven sports shoes are more breathable. After putting them on, the upper and the instep have a high degree of fit, and the wrapping is strong. It feels more flexible and comfortable to move. Not only is it good for sports, but also special for normal wear. Good.” The reporter saw in the market that in addition to flying knitting sports shoes, many big-name "sock shoes" actually use flying knitting technology.

Comparing a pair of shoes with socks is enough to prove the lightness and comfort of shoes, but how light and comfortable flying shoes are, it depends on the data. The reporter put a lady's fly-knit casual shoe on the scale and weighed it. The result was 110 grams, which is less than one-third of ordinary shoes. In fact, light weight is one of the main advantages of Feizhi. In addition, due to less material restrictions, Feizhi shoes show more colors and styles in the design of colors and styles, which are particularly in line with the individual needs of current consumers. A well-known domestic sports brand launched a series of flying woven sports shoes this year, with more than a dozen different colors.

The industry said that Feizhi is a cross-border product. Its material specifications are rich and varied, the upper texture is endless, and the color is very rich. The free combination of different specifications of yarns can achieve endless innovation and changes in the upper design. The design space is unlimited and the style is unique. How to do it well and durable? New technologies are constantly updated

Since flying shoes are "woven", will they not be durable? "A pair of shoes is not three-fold, is it strong?"-Many consumers have such concerns when they first come into contact with Feizhi sports shoes. Therefore, how to make shoes durable while ensuring comfort has become a problem for many sports shoe companies.

At present, the reporter has learned that many manufacturers continue to develop new technologies and new products. For example, flying shoe uppers are now mostly made of yarn. Some enterprises in Guangdong are considering using some composite new materials, and some enterprises are developing environmental protection such as bamboo fiber. Natural materials, waterproof technology, etc., make flying shoes not only easy to wear, durable and environmentally friendly. More research and development institutions, in order to meet the needs of consumers who want to wear flying knit shoes in winter, use wool as the material of the upper to achieve the effect of warmth and breathability. In short, flying shoes are continuously improving, and more and more perfect shoes will continue to emerge.


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